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14 Jun

Interest Rates are Irrelevant…Strategies Are What Matters!


Posted by: Brian Marling

Interest Rates are Irrelevant…Strategies Are What Matters!

Brian Marling of Neighbourhood DLC – Canada’s #1 Mortgage Team  905.372.7222

If I were to take a survey and ask the question, “What is the most important component of your mortgage?”,  the vast majority of respondents would likely say the interest rate.  And that’s probably why I get so many interesting looks from my clients when I tell them that the interest rate is irrelevant. Now I must admit that I say that in part just to see their reaction, but primarily because I believe it to be a true statement. Allow me to explain.

When using the services of someone like myself, who has access to over 50 different lenders all competing for your business, the interest rate is going to be competitive no matter what. Therefore, that’s the reason I say it is irrelevant. Certainly not irrelevant from the clients point of view – I get that, but rather from the view point that it will be the best possible rate at the time. Therefore, the discussions I have with my clients centre more on the many different strategies I employ as opposed to the normal “What’s the rate?” discussion that most have with their bank.

The interesting thing is that most of my clients have never had a Strategy Session with their banks before and have only ever been focused on the rate. The irony is that you could very well be losing thousands of dollars due to your myopic focus on rate. So then, what kind of strategies am I referring to?  Well… that depends. It depends on your current situation. It depends on your future goals. It depends on the current and future economic forecasts. It depends on a number of key factors and no two situations are identical – which is why it always floors me that the banks seem to want to put everyone into the same mold.

So, what’s the right strategy for you?  Is it our Cheap Money Strategy? Equity Strategy? Tax Strategy? Inflation Hedge Strategy? Or, perhaps, our Send Your Kid To College For Free Strategy?!!  Now ask yourself – when was the last time your current lender even had a strategy?  Perhaps it’s time to change.

Currently I am employing all of the above strategies with my clients depending on their unique circumstances. If you would like to discuss any of the above strategies please call me to arrange a meeting.  Here’s what a few of our clients have said:

“I enjoyed the face to face communication and the fact that Brian took the time to explain things.  I found the process very simple and smooth.  I was recommended to your office by a friend and found your staff very pleasant and thorough in their explanations.”  -Mike J.

“We found the whole experience really good.  Brian was always available to meet with us and return our calls.  He has a wealth of knowledge about the industry and we picked up lots of little tidbits of financial info through our discussions that have been helpful.  We felt Brian kept our needs and interests in mind and that we could trust him.” – Tim & Carrie M. 

“We appreciated your support through this process, as you always made us feel we had options and eased our anxiety.  We were provided with sound advice and solutions and had an extremely positive experience.  The service was exceptional and someone was always available to answer questions and provide solutions.  We would absolutely recommend you to others.” –Connie M.

“I was tired of the poor service I was receiving from my bank, regarding my mortgage, and was therefore convinced to try working with a Mortgage Agent.  The experience was very satisfying as Brian was available, knowledgeable and trustworthy.  I particularly enjoyed the intelligent conversations with Brian and Andrea’s attention to detail.  I will mention ‘Neighbourhood Dominion Lending, Cobourg’ to anyone in need.  Thank you to both Brian and Andrea.” – Allan S.

“We have worked with Brian for both the refinance of our main residence, as well as the purchase of a second home.  We appreciated the great work that Brian did for us and the loyalty we share.  Our favourite part of the process was being approved and getting the cheque from the refinance to use towards the purchase of our 2nd property.  The overall process was great.  Happy 2012 and thanks again Brian!” – Jeff T. 

Because of the current debt crisis in so many lives right now I am pleased to announce what The Brian Marling Mortgage Team is doing to help Canadians now. Firstly, Neighbourhood Dominion Lending Centres is proud to announce the launch of EnRICHed Academy’s “Smart Start For Financial Genius”! This program has been designed to educate young adults (13-23) and their families on the fundamentals that build wealth in an entertaining, funny and entirely interactive way! No program like this currently exists, and the need and demand acrossNorth America is at an all-time high! Please call me if you are interested in hosting a seminar or would just like more information.

Secondly, our Financial Coaching Program is really taking off. All coaching is lead by our Certified Professional Coach and owner of Life Catalyst Coaching, Deborah Marling. Deborah can be reached through our office and would be pleased to set up an introductory appointment to discuss your needs and current situation. Deborah is helping many to get out of the debt race and turn their futures around. Here is what just 1 graduating couple had to say,

“Hi Deb I Hope all is well.  I just wanted to let you know how grateful Carl and I are for all the help you gave us.  You gave us the tools to look at our finances and get ourselves above water. Since attending your sessions it has been possible for us to obtain and do the things we want.  In the past we never had a savings account, our accounts were always into the negative.  If something happened and we needed money we were in trouble.  Let me tell you since our session’s things have happened in our family and we were able to help without using a credit card, without going into the overdraft.  Thank goodness we had your training.  From the time we started our sessions we have never been in our overdraft, we have 4 saving accounts which are growing, and our bills are paid on time. When you talk about financial freedom we see that we are on the way.  However we could not have done this without you.  I just want to say thank you for all the support and the belief you had in both Carl and I. Thanks Again.” – Lisa M.

Here at Neighbourhood, & the home of the Brian Marling Mortgage Team, we are concerned for the total well-being of our clients. That’s why we are taking the years of experience from our award winning office and offering a series of  FREE Seminars to our clients and their friends & families and to the public at large. The seminars, entitled ‘Financial Fitness’, will be offered free of charge and will cover all the secrets of successful personal financial freedom. If interested please call our office at 905.372.7222 to reserve your spot as seating will be limited.